About us

Who we are.

After receiving an overwhelming number of questions and queries about how to use Apple products to get the most out of your device, Richard Groves, Director, with his 20 years experience in the technology field was able to see a vast gap in the marketplace for izzyj. Izzyj was created through ILG Business LTD, an established company within their field of mobile technology and application development. Sharing year on year growth and hosting a wealth of awards for customer service excellence, ILG Business have provided the perfect foundation to establish izzyj.

The team.

With a wealth of experience in the technology field, izzyj brings you a team of app developers and designers to review the best, latest apps out there. Introducing you to brand new iOS games, we are here to make sure you make the most out of your device by playing the games you’ll love and using the apps you can’t live without. Our experience working with Apple devices has allowed us to produce a variety of video tutorials to guide you through the ever-changing world of Apple. From the simplest tasks to those that you may never knew were possible, izzyj will enlighten you to the functions and capabilities of your device so you can enjoy it that little bit more!

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