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How does it look?

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What does it do?

Penultimate is a handwriting and notes app. This app allows you to make notes on your iPad with the natural flow of writing on paper. Whether you need to note things down, draw sketches, or share an idea, this is the app for you! No matter where you are, this app means you’ll never miss an opportunity again, allowing you to express your thoughts and ideas, and even share them with others on the go. Penultimate notebooks allow you to keep your notes separated through topics, projects or categories and then browse through them quickly and easily by searching handwritten text. Never lose an idea with Penultimate!

What’s the verdict?

This app gives you the medium through which to process your thoughts and ideas. A handy app for any occasion, you’ll never feel you’ve missed an opportunity. Perfect for business, you can showcase your new project through Penultimate and share it easily. The Wrist Protection technology prevents smudges and keeps your work looking great. The huge range of customisable features keeps your work looking unique and impressive. Overall this app is a simple, useful and effective tool for business and leisure.

Available on: iPad

Price: Free, with the option to upgrade to Evernote Premium with a monthly subscription.

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